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I will buy individual pieces, lots, or collections of chemical unit insignia, patches, and chemical unit challenge coins. (I will also buy other Army-related challenge coins.) Contact me if you are interested…
Lists updated on 9 Jan 2011.

Most Wanted List

Originals preferred but repos may be acceptable.

Distictive Unit Insignia

10A: 10th Chemical Depot

15B: 15th Chemical Battalion (Service)

83?: Skunk riding on a mortar shell

84A: 84th Chemical Battalion (Old German-made)

304A: 304th Chemical Regiment

306A: 306th Chemical Regiment (sinister)

306B: 306th Chemical Regiment (dexter)

23B: 23rd Chemical Battalion (Lion sintered)

83?: 83rd Chemical Battalion (skunk riding on mortar shell)

Collar insignia

WWI chemical officer and enlisted collar insignia (especially crossed shells and dragon head).


1st Gas & Flame Veterans Medal (Bronze)

Chemical Warfare Trophy (National Rifle matches: Gold, silver, and bronze)

Armed Forces Chemical Association

Army Chemical Center service pins


Vietnam-era chemical patches.

242nd Chemical Detachment

503rd Chemical Detachment (Snoopy) (original only)



All 1st Gas & Flame and 2d Chemical Battalion items

Chemical unit challenge coins.

Also interested in other chemical unit items such as books, photos, yearbooks, etc.

Want List II

DUIs that I need to complete pairs...

81A: 81st Chemical Battalion (x1)

242A: 242nd Chemical Detachment (x1) (Beercan-Tunnel rats)

Some Chemical Replacement Training Center DUI

M1: Combat Operations Center, MACV

M1A: Combat Operations Center, MACV

M2: J3, Headquarters, MACV, Air Operations Division

M2A: J3, Headquarters, MACV, Air Operations Division

M3: J2, Headquarters, MACV

Trade or Sale List

Miscellaneous non-chemical challenge coins.

Chemical DUI (Let me know if you are interested in a particular hallmark.)

2B: 2d Chemical Battalion (x12)

22A: 22nd Chemical Battalion (x1)

23A: 23rd Chemical Battalion (x1)

44A: 44th Chemical Battalion (x4)

48A: 48th Chemical Brigade (x2)

83C: 83rd Chemical Battalion (x2)

110A: 110th Chemical Battalion (x2)

121A: 121st Chemical Battalion (x2)

145A: 145th Chemical Battalion (x4)

155A: 155th Chemical Battalion (x4)

192A: 192nd Chemical Battalion (x3)

464A: 464th Chemical Brigade (x6)

472A: 472nd Chemical Battalion (x4)

485A: 485th Chemical Battalion (x1)

487A: 487th Chemical Battalion (x3)

490A: 490th Chemical Battalion (x6)

C1: Chemical Corps Regimental Crest (16)

C2 CB Command (x3)

C3A Chemical School (x4)

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Please e-mail me if you want to buy, sell, or trade chemical DUI, patches, or chemical unit challenge coins.

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