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  • ATSO Guide (NBC) (2.1 Mb/.zip) Comprehensive! Compressed Word document. As of Oct 01.

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 1 (1.0 Mb/.zip) This handbook provides key information, procedures, and actions needed to prepare for, survive, and operate after a nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional attack in a joint services environment. Compressed Word document. As of Feb 01.

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 2 (1.8 Mb/.zip)

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 3a1 (1.5 Mb/.zip)

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 3a2 (1.3 Mb/.zip)

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 3b (1.5 Mb/.zip)

  • ATSO Expeditionary Operations (NBC): Part 4 (1.2 Mb/.zip)

  • Battalion Quarterly Training Guidance (37 kb/.doc/6 pages) Sample quarterly training guidance for a chemical battalion.

  • Battalion Quarterly Training Guidance (37 kb/.doc/6 pages) Sample quarterly training guidance for a chemical battalion.

  • Information Paper: NBC Task Changes for FY03 CTT (37 kb/.doc/2 pages) For FY03, five Common Task Test (CTT) tasks are NBC-related. However, many soldiers may not be aware that there have been significant changes made to almost every NBC CTT task over the past few years. The old green hard-copy CTT Manual (STP 21-1-SMCT; Oct 94) and its NCO task counterpart (STP 21-24-SMCT; Oct 92) contain numerous outdated NBC tasks. (The old manuals do have some good illustrations, though.) The on-line versions of these manuals, both dated 1 Oct 01, have just recently been updated and can be found on the GEN Dennis J. Reimer Digital Library (www.adtdl.army.mil). As of Oct 02.

  • JRTC After Action Review (AAR) (17 kb/.doc/2 pages)

  • NBC Common Tasks (755 kb/.doc/49 pages) Tasks are from STP 21-1-SMCT Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Skill Level 1 (1994/10/01)

  • NBC Drills (41 kb/.doc/11 pages) This evaluation guide contains tasks essential to accomplishing a unitís mission in an NBC environment. The evaluation guide is composed of 11 NBC common tasks arranged in 5 stations and is used to evaluate the current state of individual NBC training proficiency and identify future training requirements.

  • NBC Defense Training Note (11 kb/.doc/3 pages) How The III Corps "Team of Winning Teams" Achieves NBC Defense Readiness.

  • NBC Defense Training Note (9 kb/.doc/3 pages) III Corps NBC Defense Readiness.

  • NBC Evaluator Checklist (59 kb/.doc/6 pages) Evaluator checklist for NBC tasks. As of Mar 01.

  • NBC Mini Lesson Plans (370 kb/.doc/110 pages) The mini lesson plans are designed to assist the leader/trainer in presenting basic individual NBC defense instruction. The lesson plans cover NBC Tasks common to all MOS's, as well as those tasks considered essential to survival on the modern battlefield. The lesson plans have purposely been kept short and simple in terms of the time required and training aids needed to present the instruction. These steps were taken to encourage the use of the lesson plans, while in the field, motor pool and garrison area, etc. Because of their simplicity, minimal preparation is required on the part of the trainer. The lesson plans for specific items of equipment (M8A1 alarm, CAM etc.) require the TM be present too properly perform the tasks. As of Sep 01.

  • NBC Olympics and Gas Chamber (31 kb/.doc/4 pages) memorandum for annual mask confidence gas chamber and NBC training. As of Jun 01.

  • NBC Task List (28 kb/.doc/6 pages) This is not an all-inclusive list of all NBC Tasks. It is an up-to-date, selected group of tasks that are found on the FY02 CTT, or are supporting individual tasks for NBC collective tasks.

  • NBC Training Regulation Extract (44 kb/.doc/4 pages) NBC training extract from a division training regulation.

  • NBC Training IAW Army Regulations (37 kb/.doc/3 pages) This information paper summarizes unit NBC training guidance found in current Army Regulations. As of Aug 02.

  • OCE NBC Guide (49 kb/.doc/2 pages) Comprehensive checklist for observer/controllers/evaluators for NBC tasks.

  • WarFighter Exercise (WFX) Training Objectives (28 kb/.doc/3 pages) WFX training objectives for a Division Chemical Section and NBC Center.

  • III Corps NBC Handbook (433 kb/.zip) Excellent resource! This handbook outlines EVERYTHING that a NBC NCO needs to be successful. This file consists of several Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Battle Command Training Program (BCTP) (372 kb/.zip) This file contains several documents and presentations of BTCP NBC operations. Files consist of the Army Universal Task List (AUTL) of NBC supporting tasks, AARs, chemical discussions, and chemical perceptions.

  • CBS (372 kb/.zip) This file contains a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on CBS and several CBS-related Word documents.

  • Certification Programs (2.7 Mb/.zip) This file contains eleven Word documents and two PowerPoint presentations. The products in this file include individual, equipment operator, and leader certification programs; platoon certification programs, and training/certification guidance.

  • NBC Command Post Exercise (CPX) (76 kb/.zip) This file contains a NBC warning and reporting system (NBCWRS) exercise that includes instructions, master event list, spot reports, etc. and be easily adapted for use.

  • NBC Lane Training (80 kb/.zip) This file contains eleven Word documents and two Excel spreadsheets. The Word documents contain scenarios and evaluation lists. Master.doc discusses training philosophy and methodology and NBCOPS.doc is a comprehensive TEO that incorporates all the Common NBC Collective Tasks as Task Steps. The Riskma.doc is a TEO that facilitates Risk Management and includes the key aspects of the Force XXI: Small Unit Risk Management Booklet. The spreadsheets list individual and leader tasks.

  • NTC NBC Training (222 kb/.zip) This file nine documents (.txt/.doc) on NTC trends, observations, AARs, and summaries. It also includes a PowerPoint presentation of NBC planning rules.

  • Training & Evaluation Outlines (TEOs) (62 kb/.zip) This file contains 12 TEOs.

  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) (8 kb/.zip) This file contains 2 TTPs: Chemical attack and terrain decontamination.

  • ATSO Biological Warfare Defense (543 kb/.zip) Compressed PowerPoint presentation.

  • ATSO Nuclear Warfare Defense (375 kb/.zip) Compressed PowerPoint presentation.

  • ATSO Overgarment (464 kb/.zip) Compressed PowerPoint presentation.

  • NTC Cookbooks (10.2 Mb/.zip) This file contains six NTC Cookbook PowerPoint presentations: company operations, decontamination, orders drill, planning, reconnaissance, and smoke. As of Nov 99.

  • River Crossing (6.1 Mb/.zip) This file contains five PowerPoint presentations on smoking a river crossing operation. Make sure to check out RiverCrossing.ppt as a slide show Ö itís Velveeta cheese at its best!

  • M8 Paper & M9 Tape (3.3 Mb/.ppt/24 slides) Excellent presentation on the use of M8 paper and M9 tape. Click here for the notes to accompany this presentation.

  • NBC Training and Logistical Requirements (87 kb/.ppt/2 slides) Essential NBC training tasks and logistical requirements.

  • Training Meeting (191 kb/.ppt/17 slides) This is a template (short version) for a battalion training meeting.


  • METL to MTP Crosswalk (63 kb/.xls) Comprehensive and useful tool from company METL to MTPs. Company:ARTEP 3-457-30-MTP to Platoon: DECON (ARTEP 3-417-10-MTP)/SMOKE (ARTEP 3-7-10-MTP)/RECON (ARTEP 3-207-11-MTP)

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