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  • BW Doctrine Literature Search Report, Volume 1 (352 kb/.doc/22 pages) Biological Defense Doctrine Analysis Data Base/Literature Search, Volume 1 – Introduction, Summary, Observations, and Alphabetical and Functional Lists of Abstracted Documents. Joint Service Integration Group (JSIG). As of Jun 02.

  • BW Doctrine Literature Search Report, Volume 2 (3.2 Mb/.doc/22 pages) Biological Defense Doctrine Analysis Data Base/Literature Search, Volume 2 – Abstracts of Documents. Joint Service Integration Group (JSIG). As of Jun 02.

  • Chemical Corps Professional Reading List (92 kb/.doc/22 pages) As of Jan 00.

  • Chemical Officer Technique Guide (355 kb/.doc/35 pages) Excellent product. The Chemical Officer’s ‘Staff Technique’ Guide has been produced in an effort to assist officers in the performance of their duties as the Chemical Officer at battalion, brigade, and division levels. This ‘Technique’ Guide is a compilation of resources and training tips gathered while serving as a staff Chemical Officer at brigade thru corps level. It provides ‘techniques’ to assist the Chemical Officer in conducting NBC operations using a SOP. As of Oct 01.

  • Chemical Unit Address List (79 kb/.doc/4 pages) As of Oct 99.

  • Chemical Warfare History (21 kb/.doc/5 pages) Research Paper by Caren Cleckley: The History of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare. As of Dec 99.

  • Decontamination Operational Readiness Exercise (33 kb/.doc/5 pages) Exercise/tasking to evaluate the operational readiness of unit decontamination equipment. As of Aug 97.

  • Depleted Uranium Information (18 kb/.txt/12 pages) As of Jan 01.

  • Dulce et decorum est (2 kb/.txt/1 page) Poignant poem about gas warfare in World War I by Wilfred Owen.

  • Key Chemical Roster (103 kb/.doc/12 pages) Addresses and phone numbers of all key chemical personnel. As of Jan 99.

  • Red Dragon Punch Bowl Ceremony (54 kb/.doc/7 pages) Preformatted to fit on 5x8 cards. As of Feb 99.

  • Sibert Award (46 kb/.doc/12 pages) Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) for the Annual Major General William L. Sibert Award. As of Nov 98.

  • 2d Chemical Battalion Briefing (2.6 Mb/.ppt/43 slides) Lots of graphics… As of Aug 97.

  • 2d Chemical Battalion Command Briefing (356 kb/.ppt/21 slides) Good desk-side brief. As of Jun 97.

  • Chemical Unit Locations (824 kb/.ppt/10 slides) Briefing provides overview of chemical unit locations to include chemical battalion and brigades, EAD chemical companies, JA/JB/LB teams, institutional training division/battalion, and WMD-CST units. As of Jul 02.

  • Chemical Battalion and NBC Doctrine Overview (1.6 Mb/.ppt/30 slides) Briefing provides overview of chemical battalion structure and NBC warning and reporting system. As of Mar 00.

  • Chemical Battalion Operations (3.0 Mb/.ppt/83 slides) Excellent overview of chemical battalion operations. The first portion of the brief goes over every single NBC MTOE structure. The second portion contains the battalion operations. As of Aug 97.

  • New Chemical Lieutenant Briefing (4.6 Mb/.ppt/10 slides) Excellent propaganda. As of Nov 99.

  • Nuclear Chemistry Resources (2.4 Mb/.ppt/34 slides) Excellent overview of the military applications of nuclear chemistry. Great graphics… so simple that even a typical chemical officer could understand it. As of Feb 02.

  • Thermobaric Briefing (1.4 Mb/.ppt/20 slides) Interesting briefing of thermobaric weapons. As of Dec 01.

  • Unit Location Addresses (207 kb/.xls/3 workbooks) Spreadsheet includes AC, USAR, and ARNG chemical units. Information includes units, location, addresses, UIC, phone numbers, etc. As of Jan 03.

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