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  • CSA's Professional Reading List "The professional reading list is a way for leaders at all levels to increase their understanding of our Army�s history, the global strategic context, and the enduring lessons of war? Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, Army.

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  • Anthrax: Comprehensive Procedures for Collecting Environmental Samples for Culturing Bacillus Anthracis. NIOSH publication.
  • Anthrax: Occupational Health Guidelines for Remediation Workers at Bacillus Anthracis -Contaminated Sites From the Center of Disease Control.
  • Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library (ADTDL) ADTDL is an electronic "library without walls". The ADTDL is the single repository of approved Army training and doctrine information. Access the most current electronic versions of most of the US Army's chemical doctrinal literature. Field manuals (3-Series FMs), Mission Training Plans (MTPs), GTAs, etc... Some information is restricted to US government agencies and their contractors.
  • Army Publications Homepage You can download almost all of the Army publications and forms in electronic format from this site (ARs, DA PAMs, DA Forms, etc). You can also order your unit's publications from this site. All you need is your unit's publication account number and zip code. All the current pubs are listed. Order the whole FM 3-series! There is not an excuse to have your doctrinal manuals. The site also provides links to the National Technical Information Services and five other official Army publication web sites.
  • Chemical and Biological Warfare: A Reference Handbook By Al Mauroni. The first introductory work of its kind to survey the fundamentals, policies, and strategies of chemical and biological warfare from 1915 to the present.
  • Chemical Demilitarization: Public Policy Aspects By Al Mauroni. This book offers a detailed analysis of the Army's efforts to destroy chemical weapons, including the role of the Congress, the public, and the media in the program's execution.
  • ChemBio Weapons and WMD Terrorism News Sign up!! CB Weapons and WMD News is an awesome (& free) source of timely and informative information. The "News" consists of links to and key excerpts from articles and other online resources gathered by the CNS Washington Office staff and delivered three times a week. CNS ChemBio-Terrorism News is prepared by the Washington, DC office of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies in order to bring timely and focused information to researchers and policymakers interested in the fields of chemical and biological weapons nonproliferation and WMD terrorism. The email listserv is distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you would like to subscribe to this free service, please email chembio-terror@miis.edu or Chem-Bio with the subject heading "subscribe" and your email address in the message body.
  • CNS Publications Includes links to other current WMD related articles.
  • Defense Technical Intelligence Center (DTIC) Try DTIC for document and abstracts.
  • DoD ASSIST web site ASSIST-Quick Search provides direct access to Defense and Federal specifications and standards available in the official DoD repository. The database includes most, if not all, STANAGs.
  • EarlyBird Online.
  • FM 8-9: NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations Part II- Biological.
  • Glossary of Terms for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Agents and Defense Equipment. Technical Guide 204. ?S Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine,?ec 2001.
  • Guidance for Protecting Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks
  • Guidance for Filtration and Air-Cleaning Systems to Protect Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks (pdf file) NIOSH DHHS (NIOSH) Pub No. 2003-136,?April, 2003.
  • Joint Electronic Library One stop center for all Joint-related items?doctrine, education, training, etc.
  • Managing Hazardous Material Incidents (MHMI) The MHMI series is a three volume set (with a video) comprised of recommendations for on-scene (pre-hospital), and hospital medical management of patients exposed during a hazardous materials incident. Because the MHMI series is so large and contain several complex graphs and figures, it is currently accessible on this web site only in PDF format. The complete series has been divided into several separate PDF files which present all of the various sections and important topics in each volume.
    • Volume I - Emergency Medical Services: A Planning Guide for the Management of Contaminated Patients are planning guides to assist first responders in planning for incidents that involve hazardous materials.
    • Volume II - Hospital Emergency Departments: A Planning Guide for the Management of Contaminated Patients are planning guides to assist hospital emergency department personnel in planning for incidents that involve hazardous materials.
    • Volume III - Medical Management Guidelines (MMGs) for Acute Chemical Exposures are guides for health care professionals who treat persons who have been exposed to hazardous materials.
    • Video - Community Challenge: Hazardous Materials Response and the Emergency Medical System is a training video for Volumes I & II.
  • North American Emergency Response Guidebook This guidebook contains information wrt toxic industrial materials (TIMs) and instructions regarding protection, first aid, emergency response, and hazard prediction.
  • NATO STANAGS and ABCA Armies QSTAGs. You can order standard agreements (STANAGs) from the Defense Publications and Forms Center (DPFC). To order from DPFC: List the STANAGSs you need, i.e., STANAG 2174, STANAG 2050, etc., on your MACOM letterhead and fax to (215) 697-1462 or DSN 442-1462. Be sure to include the delivery address and allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • PPE: Guide for the Selection of PPE for Emergency First Responders, National Institute for Justice (NIJ) Guide 102-00 (pdf format)?
  • Protecting Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks From the Center of Disease Control.
  • US Army Field Manuals A fairly comprehensive list of downloadable FMs in pdf and html formats. Comprehensive source from Global Security.org.
  • US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Publication
  • USAMRICD's Online Textbooks and Handbooks The Textbook of Military Medicine series is a comprehensive reference dealing with the history, development, use, and medical management of chemical and biological warfare agents. The Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook and the Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook are soft cover handbooks that provide military and civilian emergency response personnel with a concise, pocket-sized reference source for the medical management of chemical casualties in a field environment. In addition to providing information on the various chemical agents and their emergency treatment, it also covers the set up of a medical decontamination line and detection/decontamination equipment and supplies used by the military for field medical decontamination. They also include history, triage, diagnosis, and treatment.
    • Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare
    • Field Management of Chemical Casualties
    • Medical Management of Chemical Casualties
    • Clinical Management of Mustard Gas Casualties?
    • Medical Management of Biological Casualties
    • Medical Management of Radiological Casualties
    • NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations (AFJMAN 44-151)
    • The Medical NBC Battle Book - USACHPPM Tech Guide 244
    • Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties - Field Manual (AFMAN(I) 44-156)
  • Washington HQ Services, Directives and Records Branch

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  • Radiation and Health Physics Page This page contains information and links related to Radiation. It was written by the University of Michigan Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society for three distinct groups: the General Public, Students and the Health Physics community at large.
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Home Page The NRC's scope of responsibility includes regulation of-- commercial nuclear power reactors; non-power research, test, and training reactors-- fuel cycle facilities; medical, academic, and industrial uses of nuclear materials-- the transport, storage, and disposal of nuclear materials and waste

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  • TBP.

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  • CIA Message Iraqi CW
  • nuke Country Information: Global Threats from WMD Great site! These country profiles and overviews provide insight into why countries pursue nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and missile programs, how they develop their programs, and why they may choose to stop developing such weapons. The researchers at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies have been studying these countries for more than a decade. They have drawn from their knowledge and extensive databases to provide in-depth profiles and short overviews of each country's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and missile development programs, policies and activities.
  • Iraq-Kuwait: Chemical Warfare Dusty Agent Threat Message from the GulfLink site.
  • Iraq: Dusty Agents and the Iraqi Chemical Weapons Arsenal By Eric Croddy, Senior Research Associate, Chemical & Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program (CBWNP), Center for Nonproliferation Studies. October 2002. From the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) site.
  • Iraq: Imagery of Fallujah II/Habbaniyah II Chemical Weapons Plant, Iraq From GlobalSecurity.org.
  • nuke Iraq: CNS Special Collection on the Iraq Crisis Excellent site! This CNS research site includes one of the most comprehensive listings of information relating to Iraq's CB programs. The site contains numerous links and describes Iraq's WMD capabilities/programs, very recent (and past) UNSCOM documents, articles on the international reactions to Operation Desert Fox, CNS/UNSCOM photo gallery, etc....
  • Iraq: Halabja-March 1988 Bloody Friday: The Chemical Massacre of the Kurds by the Iraqi Regime. This site describes the chemical attack on the city of Halabja?lots of pictures.
  • Israeli Chemical Warfare Site You will need a translator?
  • Hot!! NBC Defense Net A Nor Environmental site. Make sure that you register to receive access to the secure portions of the site! The secure portions of the site are AWESOME!!!
  • Russian Chemical Soldier�s Page A Russian chemical soldier's page. Use the page translator on Alta Vista to navigate the site.
  • nuke Russia - Narod University Excellent site! Comprehensive source of Russian NBC related information. Site contains excellent graphics of old and new soviet equipment, training, etc. Site is in Russian and may be difficult to navigate. Use the page translator on Alta Vista to navigate the site.

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  • Computer Staffing Model for Bioterrorism Response A new computer model is available to help hospitals and health systems plan antibiotic dispensing and vaccination campaigns to respond to bioterrorism or large-scale natural disease outbreaks. The model was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and developed by researchers at Weill Medical College of Cornell University after testing a variety of patient triage and drug dispensing plans. This project is part of a larger initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop public health programs to address bioterrorism concerns.
  • Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS) CATS provides a comprehensive package of hazard prediction models (natural hazards and technological hazards) and casualty and damage assessment tools. CATS also accepts real time data from local meteorological stations.
  • DoD Global Emerging Infections System (DoD GEIS) DoD-GEIS is designed to strengthen the prevention of, surveillance of and response to infectious diseases that a) are a threat to military personnel and families, b) reduce medical readiness, or c) present a risk to U.S. national security. The DOD-GEIS is to a) increase DoD's emphasis on prevention of infectious diseases, b) strengthen and coordinate its surveillance and response efforts, and c) create a centralized coordination and communication hub to help organize DoD resources and link with U.S. and international efforts.

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  • ArmyPPT.com ArmyPPT.com is a collection of US Army-oriented PowerPoint Presentations.?t includes NBC-related presentation too. Make your next briefing easier by using one of the many presentations listed on this site.?
  • CSEPP Training Courses Download Page This page contains downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) slides from five CSEPP training courses: CSEPP Chemical Awareness, ACT FAST, Auto-Injector, Decontamination, and Personal Protective Equipment. "Techniques for CSEPP Instructors and Instructors Guide for Techniques for CSEPP Instructors" is also available in .pdf format.
  • Executive Protection Systems (EPS) EPS is dedicated to providing the finest weapons of mass destruction (WMD) protective equipment, training, and consulting services.
  • National Incident Management System Course (IS-700) FEMA. Here is the link for the on-line training course in the new National Incident Management System.?This is the national overarching system for managing emergencies.?This incorporates most of what we know as ICS but with the latest federal "doctrine" on the subject.
  • NBC PowerPoint Presentations for NBC Training Site provides 11 downloadable Powerpoint presentations for training. Topic range from "Atropine Injectors" to "Supervise Radiation Monitoring Procedures."
  • Online Course: Terrorism, Preparedness, and Public Health: An Introduction Six-lesson course for certificate and/or continuing education credit. The course is provided at no cost to the individual.

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