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  • Abebooks.com Abebooks, the world's largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books and a great source for out of print NBC-related books at affordable prices.
  • Army Knowledge Online Great resource! Customizable! Your one-stop Army-related site. Easy access to current Army news/propaganda, Webmail, Earlybird, Newsgroups, etc.
  • Central Intelligence Agency's World Fact Book The World Fact Book is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of US Government officials, and the style, format, coverage, and content are designed to meet their specific requirements. In general, information available as of 1 January 2000 was used in the preparation of this edition. The Fact Book is in the public domain. Accordingly, it may be copied freely without permission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  • Defense and the National Interest The aim of Defense and the National Interest is to foster debate on the roles of the US armed forces in the post-Cold War era and on the resources devoted to them. The ultimate purpose is to help create a more effective national defense against the types of threats we will likely face during the first decades of the new millennium. Contributors to this site are, with a few exceptions, active/reserve, former, or retired military. They often combine knowledge of military theory with the practical experience that comes from trying their ideas in the field.
  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine Great resource! The Internet Archive Wayback Machine puts the history of the World Wide Web at your fingertips. The Archive contains over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 to the present.
  • Land Warfare Systems Page This is a site to obtain equipment descriptions and ".jpg" photos for briefs. Comprehensive site. (Federation of American Scientists site)
  • St. Claire Sign Builder 2.0 Sign Builder 2.0 includes a number of web-based tools designed to facilitate the creation of custom general and safety signs. Each Sign Builder tool has unique options designed to make the creation of any custom sign quick and easy. Available options are as follows: Safety Sign Builder, ANSI Sign Builder (safety signs with emphasis on ANSI Z535 compliance), HAZMAT Sign Builder (National Fire Protection Association compliant safety signs), and Lockout Tag Builder (OSHA compliant Lockout Tags with specific message in English and in Spanish).
  • St. Claire Safety Sign Builder This site allows you to build and print your own safety ANSI- or OSHA-compliant safety sign. (e.g., do not enter, radiation hazard, poison, biohazard, etc.) This is a free online application that automatically makes safety signs in PDF format.?
  • Squad Leader.com Many links for military related graphics to increase the cheese-con level of your briefings....
  • OnlineNewspapers.com Great resource. Thousands of online newspapers... worldwide. Great for seeing another perspective on an issue.
  • US Armed Forces Order of Battle Comprehensive! (with links to most unit homepages too!) Please note that this order of battle reflects wartime, operational command and control rather than peacetime administrative command and control. Last updated 9 Jul 2000.
  • Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Crusaders, Propagandists, and Mercenaries on the Net Extremely comprehensive site for identification and information on potential/associated terrorist groups. Warning -- If your organization or national government carefully sifts through HTTP traffic, you might want to think twice before clicking on some of the sites.

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  • Abatix Domestic Preparedness Catalog Downloadable .pdf file Great reference for commercially available products! Abatix is a nationally recognized supplier of leading-edge products for those in first-response and disaster mitigation roles. The products presented in their catalog are some of the latest technologies and systems designed to be utilized when responding to or mitigating the effects of either a natural or man-made disaster. In addition to the product offerings, Abatix offers extensive training and consulting services in the domestic preparedness arena.
  • American School Of Defense ASOD is a supplier of NBC Defense Equipment and Training. Very informational site and product descriptions.
  • Army Electronic Product Support (AEPS) Website A great site when it is up! This link will take you to the front door of AEPS. After reading the AEPS Security Policy, click on "ACCEPT." This will take you to the Public Access portion of AEPS. There are several things that can be done from here without ever getting a password. However, the Chemical Defense Equipment information is in the Password Protected area of AEPS. To get a password, click on "ACCESS REQUEST FORM" and follow the instructions given. The process includes an email message automatically sent to your supervisor to ensure your need to know.
    Once you get a password, return to the Public Access page and click on "Enter AEPS" and type your username and password. The system generates a username for you that you cannot change. You're now at the AEPS home page. AEPS has a great deal of information and the CDE information is only a fraction of what all's there. But there's a ton of info just on the CDE alone. A quick way to get to the CDE information is to click on "AMC/MSCs/Activities," followed by "TACOM-SBC." This links you to the Soldier Biological & Chemical Command's (TACOM-SBC's) AEPS home page. If you haven't been to the TACOM-SBC AEPS web site in a while, you will notice a lot of stuff has been added. Take a look, some of it will be useful to you, such as the TACOM-SBC LAR Locator, NSN Lookup, or direct links to Pubs, Messages, and Videos.
    To get to the individual product pages for CDE, choose "Chem/Bio Products" from the "Product Information!" drop-down menu and click "Go!" This takes you to the old CDE home page and links to Product Pages.
  • Army's TACOM-SBC's CDE Logistics Website Here are a few highlight's on what is available on this site: Find POC information for an Item Manager, Equipment Specialist, or an Engineer using a NIIN, LIN, NSN; access TACOM-SBC's Shelf Life Information System; Get a wealth of product information (more up to date than FEDLOG); descriptions, pictures, replacement items, etc.; View an archive of Advisory Messages for TACOM-SBC items (Maintenance, Safety of Use, Logistical, etc.); View Chemical Newsletter archive, link to PS Magazine articles for CDE; Find Demilitarization Instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Supply Bulletins; And much more.
    HOW TO GET THERE: For access to AEPS, go to this site and READ WHAT IS ON YOUR SCREEN to apply for access. It takes about 10 minutes to apply. TO GET TO THE CDE area, AFTER you have received your user ID and Password, visit this link.
  • Army Surplus and Adventure Source for large selection of protective/gas masks in UK.
  • Audiopack: Protective Mask Amplifier Audiopack's type classified Voice Projection Units (VPUs) attach to most military masks without penetrating the mask.
  • Baby Anti-Gas Cradle The ultimate in portable infant protection?
  • Chemical Agent Detection Guide for First Responders (pdf file) International Safety Equipment Association.
  • CODRUS Protection Technology This UK site provides information on: the CODRUS gas mask, the characteristics, effects, history, and deployment of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and how to enhance respiratory protection against their effects. The site also details CODRUS gas masks (respirators) and explains the high level of respiratory protection they can provide to the user.
  • Collective Protection Systems: COLPRO 4/4C
  • Collective Protections: Joint Committee on Tactical Shelters (JOCOTAS) Site contains Annual & Technical Working Group Meeting Minutes, 2002 NBC Defense Collective Protection Conference Papers, Fact Sheets, etc.
  • Decontamination Foam Sandia Lab News. Sandia decontamination foam may be tomorrow's best first response in a CB attack. The foam neutralizes viral, bacterial, nerve agents in minutes.
  • Decontamination Foam (DF200) Two page .pdf file on decontamination foam (MODEC DF200).
  • Decon Foam: MDF-200 Sandia National Laboratories has developed, demonstrated and commercialized an aqueous-based decontamination technology (DF-100) that can rapidly neutralize weapons of mass destruction.?The formulation is effective for neutralizing agents and which has been demonstrated in live agent testing; environmentally benign (i.e., non-toxic and non-corrosive); works on a number of anticipated material surfaces; can be incorporated into a wide variety of carriers (foams, liquid sprays, fogs) that satisfy a wide variety of operational objectives.?Sandia developed an enhanced version of the DF-100 product specifically to optimize performance for the military and the civilian first responder. The result of this work is MDF-200, an enhanced version of the Sandia decon formulation.
  • Defense Industry Website for NBC Equipment Links to over 30 NBC equipment manufacturers.
  • Fallout Shelters: MyFalloutShelter.com The LEADING source of authentic, FREE, government-produced fallout shelter information. FEMA A-G, OCD 1961, OCD 1959, OCD 1941, HS-4: Preparedness Planning for a Nuclear Crisis - 1987
  • Filtrator AB Filtrator AB is a Swedish company that specializes in filters, climate-control and NBC-protection systems.
  • Gas Masks: Botach Tactical Source for gas masks (Scott, MSA, Micronel, TecnoPro) and accessories.
  • Gas Masks: Espenlaub Militia On-line military store were you can find here a lot of unique and very rare original items:?WW1, WW2 and postwar gas masks and their parts (from all over the world).
  • Gas Masks: Fabio Mangiovini's Gas Mask Site An Italian portal dedicated entirely to gases and the civil and military gas masks constructed until to 1945.
  • Gas Masks: Gas Masks and Accessories Source for M17, M40, and MCU-1 masks and parts. Site also offers other NBC defense products.
  • Gas Masks: Gas Masks of the World Wars Site contains some very interesting images of some little-known masks.
  • Gas Masks: Gas Mask Museum of Vienna The Gas Mask Museum of Vienna has an excellent range of different respirators on display (including many industrial types).
  • Gas Masks: Italian Gas Mask Site The first Italian portal dedicated to gas and gas mask used in the wars until 1945. It is dedicated to civil and military mask gas masks built until 1945. The site is available in German, Italian, and English.
  • Gas Masks: LM�G A great site from No Future Productions. Current work includes building a comprehensive database of information and an archive of images from 1915 to the present.
  • Gas Masks: Le Masque a Gaz The most comprehensive gas mask database on the net!
  • All American M17 Series Gas Masks Gas Masks: M-17 Repair and Replacement Parts and Accessories
  • nuke NBCD Homepage Awesome site by Peter Hibbs! NBCD started life as Gas! Gas! Gas!, a website designed to display his personal collection of NBC protection equipment online. NBCD is a data-driven website incorporating research information, indexes and resources building on over 20 years of collecting and historical research in the field of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence.
  • Gas Masks: Petr Hemerle's Gas Mask Site One of the best collections yet seen on the internet! Petr Hemerle lives in the Czech Republic and his site is extensive, with parts of it available in English and German as well as Czech.
  • Gas Mask: Yahoo! Gas Mask Collector's Club The Yahoo! Gas Mask Collector's Club is an excellent place to find and post info and pictures and chat to other respirator collectors from all over the world! The purpose of this club is to share information about the historical and technical development of the respirator and NBC protective equipment.
  • Guide for the Selection of Chemical Agent and Toxic Industrial Material Detection Equipment for Emergency First Responders (June 2000) National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) Guide for emergency first responders provides information about detecting chemical agents and toxic industrial materials and selecting equipment for different applications.
  • Life Safety Systems (LSS) LSS has been in operation since 1993 researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing specialized equipment to support the needs of emergency personnel throughout the world. Items include CB detection, CB testing devices, CB protection systems and equipment, mass casualty management systems, etc.
  • NBC Equipment Contractors Comprehensive list provided by Army-Technology.com including Gaseby Dynamics, Avon Technical Products, etc...
  • ProtectiveSuits.com ProtectiveSuits.com offers first responder protective gear which includes: protective suits, gas masks, and a variety of equipment used for protection against chemical, biological, and nuclear threats.
  • NBC Gear Facts (US) The site's goal is to provide details about which NBC gear for personal protection. It provides information on which items to avoid or discard.
  • North American Rescue Products (NARP) NARP manufactures and designs a wide range of decontamination equipment and patient movement items. They are best known for the Raven Decontamination litter. They also have a complete line of hot water systems, formula systems, shelters, and accessories.
  • OWR (Odenwald-Weke Rittersbach) OWR is a German manufacturer of NBC equipment. The site provides information on German NBC protection systems, decontamination systems, and decontamination of sensitive parts. OWR is a NATO supplier and provides 98% of the German's army decontamination systems. They also provide training support for German NBC Defense Schools.
  • Platinum Defense Online store for Israeli gas masks and protective equipment.
  • Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) RST is the world leader in the research, design and production of personal protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation. The company's core technology, DEMRON is specifically engineered to combine radiation protection with "ease of use" in order to maximize effective radiological defense.
  • Rockland Fire Rockland Fire offers a complete line of emergency protective equipment for defense against terrorist attacks including bio-chemical protective suits for survival and evacuation.
  • Safety Equipment Australia (SAE) SAE manufactures the worlds first true FPBR (Fan Supplied Positive Pressure Breath Response Respirator) known as the SE400.
  • Safety Equipment Development AB (SEDAB) SEDAB is a Swedish company that designs, develops, and manufactures decontamination systems. Their systems are designed for use in support of chemical accidents, terror attacks, etc.
  • Sandia Decon Formulation Factsheets Sandia decon formulation is used for the mitigation and decontamination of CBW agents.
  • SHALBI International SHALBI has an outstanding roster of major NBC-XE Defense projects installed across the spectrum - ranging from military and governmental Command Control Centers - to Parliament buildings - to power plants - to corporate offices - to hospitals - to hotels - to computer rooms. SHALBI International - headquartered in Manhattan - is optimally suited and positioned to handle all of your sophisticated NBC-XE defense needs.
  • Shelf Life Program Everything that you ever wanted to know about the DOD shelf life program.
  • Strikeforce Army Supplies British site that offers NBC warfare equipment.
  • SurviveAll SurviveALL is the leading UK supplier to the general public of "NBC" (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) products that are designed to protect people�s health in the event of an NBC incident.
  • ZUMRO Decon Systems ZUMRO offers completely custom-tailored, modular decon systems.

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  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Non-Proliferation Chemical Warfare Resources. The Non-Proliferation Project tracks the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), missile defense systems and ballistic missile programs from across the globe. The Project also tracks information regarding fissile materials, the nuclear materials (uranium and plutonium) used to make nuclear weapons. The site provides detailed information, including charts, reports, analysis, and expert meetings.
  • CB Weapons Nonproliferation Project (Stimson Center) The CB Weapons Nonproliferation Project examines the panoply of issues associated with chem/bio weapons. Launched in January 1993, the Project initially centered on preparations at home and abroad to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention and to strengthen the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. In addition to the utility of international treaties as threat control and reduction mechanisms, the Project's research reports have also addressed topics ranging from weapons destruction technologies and the utility of export controls to the status of chemical and biological weapons programs in various countries.
  • Chemical and Biological Arms Control Program The FAS Chemical and Biological Arms Control Program covers all aspects of chemical and biological weapons and their control, but concentrates, at present, on efforts to prevent the development and use of biological weapons (BW) and the further proliferation of BW programs. A major focus is the strengthening of the Biological Weapons Convention with compliance regime and cooperative measures for the prevention of infectious disease.
  • Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC) The CMC assists political and technical experts around the world acquire technological-based tools they need to analyze, design, and implement nonproliferation, arms control, and other security measures.
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) The mission of DTRA is to reduce the threat to the United States and its allies from nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC), conventional and special weapons.
  • Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC) NPEC, a project of the Institute for International Studies (IIS), is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization founded in 1994 to promote a better understanding of strategic weapons proliferation issues. NPEC educates policymakers, journalists, and university professors about proliferation threats and possible new policies and measures to meet them.
  • No Nukes Homepage Green Peace's nuclear campaign website.
  • Office of Counter-proliferation and Chemical and Biological Defense The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs, DATSD (CBD) site on counter-proliferation and CB defense.
  • United States Air Force Counter-Proliferation Center The CPC undertakes and directs counter-proliferation research and education. This involves assessing nuclear, biological, chemical, and missile (NBC/M) proliferation threats and the means of addressing those threats. This site was produced in the Department of Defense school environment in the interest of academic freedom and the advancement of national defense-related concepts.
  • Who has Chem-Bio Weapons? Page from the Center for Defense Information's Chem-Bio Weapons Site. The page lists countries that are known to possess or to be actively seeking some form of chem-bio weapons capability.

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  • AbolishNukes.com Site provides a wealth of anti-nuke information.
  • A-Bomb WWW Museum This site provides all readers with accurate information concerning the impact the first atomic bomb had on Hiroshima and provides the context for a constructive discussion of what the world can learn from this event and why such weapons of total destruction should never again be used.
  • Atomic Archive This site explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb - a crucial turning point for all mankind. AJ Software & Multimedia presents this site as an online companion to its CD-ROM, Atomic Archive. Follow a timeline that takes you down the path of our nuclear past, from the 1920s to the present. Read biographies of A-bomb father Robert Oppenheimer and other key scientists of the nuclear age. See the Trinity Test through Enrico Fermi's eye as you read his first hand account of that history making event. Examine maps of the damage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and summaries of arms-control treaties. You'll also find a gallery of exclusive photographs and animations of nuclear physics.
  • Atomic Bomb This site provides the basic principles, effects, graphics, and timeline of the atomic bomb. Great eye candy.
  • nuke Atomic Central Great site! Contains atomic history, atomic photos and video clips (downloadable), movies, FAQs, links, etc.
  • Atomic/Nuclear Survival Page A personal page that contains information on nuclear blasts, EMP, radiation/fallout, homemade radiation detector (Download), nuclear explosion pictures & videos, nuclear shelter information (include downloads), nuclear power plant emergencies, glossary of terms, list of US nukes, and downloads to include bomb simulator and Nuclear Survival Skills (Excellent).
  • Austrialian Governments�s Nuclear Explosions Database Geoscience Australia maintains a database of nuclear explosions with the location, time and size of explosions around the world since 1945.
  • Bureau of Atomic Tourism The Bureau of Atomic Tourism is dedicated to the promotion of tourist locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain vehicles that were designed to deliver atomic weapons.
  • Chernobyl Interesting tour of the Chernobyl area.
  • Complete List of All U.S. Nuclear Weapons This site provides a short description of All US nuclear weapons. There are numerous links that provide pictures and additional information. (Nuclear Weapon Archive)
  • Depleted Uranium Information Library This site provides access to medical and environmental studies, scientific and technical data, and training and safety materials; as well as news releases, speeches, briefings, and public testimony related to DU use. It is a gateway to primary source materials relating to the military use of depleted uranium and its possible health effects. (Deployment Health Support Directorate, DoD)
  • Film Footage of Actual Blasts Short files of nuclear blasts.
  • nuke The High Energy Weapons Archive Awesome site! The High Energy Weapon Archive provides current information, technical data, and informative write-ups on nuclear weapons. It also provides the history of nuclear weapons from WWII to present, nuclear test history, and a comprehensive reference library. The library explains, fission, fusion, principles of fission weapons, gun assembly, implosion assembly, Teller-Ulam design staged radiation implosion, radiation and nuclear blast damage, etc... It also contains major reference articles and an awesome links page.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) IAEA serves as the world's central inter-governmental forum for scientific and technical cooperation in the nuclear field. IAEA's "WorldAtom" website is well organized and provides an easy avenue to useful information.
  • The Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association Preserving, Exhibiting, Interpreting and Teaching the History of the Manhattan Project.
  • Method for Developing Arrangements for Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (pdf file) International Atomic Energy Agency. October 2003.
  • MILNET: Nuclear Weapons Site provides an overview of numerous aspects of nuclear weapons.
  • National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) NNDC, Brookhaven National Laboratory, is funded by DOE to provide information services in the field of low and medium energy nuclear physics. NNDC can provide information on neutron, charged particle, photonuclear reactions, nuclear structure, and decay data.
  • National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) The major missions of the NNSA are to enhance United States national security through the military application of nuclear energy and maintain and enhance the safety, reliability, and performance of the United States nuclear weapons stockpile, including the ability to design, produce, and test, in order to meet national security requirements.
  • Navy Nuclear Doctrine FAS Site
  • No Nukes Homepage Green Peace's nuclear campaign website.
  • Nuclear Blast Mapper Map a Blast.... Would you survive a nuclear blast? The Nuclear Blast Mapper will show you how terribly destructive thermonuclear weapons are.
  • NuclearFiles.org This site provides extensive information on nuclear weapons and nuclear war. They believe an informed citizenry is the best means of overcoming complacency about the nuclear dangers that continue to confront the world.
  • The Nuclear Globe This news source provides breaking coverage of nuclear tests, arms control treaties, nuclear proliferation, and activities of nation state actors related to nuclear weapons.
  • Nuclear Photos and Films A DOE site where you can view/download files (or purchase VHS tapes) of historical nuclear tests/explosions.
  • Nuclear Resources FAS Site
  • nuke Nuclear Threat Initiative Informative site! The Nuclear Threat Initiative is working to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and is co-chaired by Ted Turner and Sam Nunn.?NTI's mission is to strengthen global security by reducing the risk of use and preventing the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. NTI seeks to raise public awareness, serve as a catalyst for new thinking and take direct action to reduce these threats.
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Website
  • Nukefix Homepage The computer program Nukefix is designed for analyzing and fixing the nuclear weapons problem. Encyclopedia Britannica and Newsweek.com describe Nukefix as a "superb tool." You can download the computer program Nukefix and perform your own analysis of the nuclear weapons problem.
  • A Poor Man's Nuclear War
  • nuke Race for the Superbomb Awesome site!! A PBS site. Check out the special features section.
  • Radiation Incidents: "Guidance for Radiation Accident Management- Pre-hospital Emergency Services" Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS)
  • RADNET An information source about source points of anthropogenic radioactivity for persons interested in the public safety consequences and radioecological impact of nuclear accidents and incidents.
  • Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) RERF conducts research and studies--for peaceful purposes--on the effects of radiation exposure on humans with a view toward contributing to the maintenance of the health and welfare of atomic-bomb survivors and to the enhancement of the health of all people.
  • Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council RANSAC was created in 1997 with the purpose of developing new U.S.-Russian cooperative nuclear security initiatives, and ensuring that existing programs become deeply rooted and are implemented expeditiously. The Council consists of nine members drawn from both Russian and American institutions who possess significant experience in the policy and technical fields, and who have first-hand knowledge of the substance and implementation of cooperative nuclear security programs.
  • Soviet Nuclear Weapons Museum Russian nuclear weapons history & museum site.
  • nuke Todd's Atomic Homepage Comprehensive page...great links.
  • The Virtual Nuclear Tourist Nuclear Power Plants Around the World by Joseph Gonyeau. This site (300+ pages) provides basic information on the different types of plants and their principle of operation. The author's goal is to make a comprehensive educational site on all forms of nuclear power that will address the needs of all age levels.

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    This section consists of three subsections: Military Organizations, Research Organizations, and NBC-Related Service Providers.

    Military Organizations

  • 3rd Chemical Brigade Homepage Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • 82nd Chemical Battalion Homepage Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Chemical/Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF)
  • Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA) Information on the history of the US Chemical Corps, Order of the Dragon, Sibert Award, membership, Dragon's Den Gift Shop, Yellow Book, etc...
  • DefenseLink One of the best sites for defense related material....
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) The mission of DTRA is to reduce the threat to the United States and its allies from nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC), conventional and special weapons through the execution of technology security activities, cooperative threat reduction (CTR) programs, arms control treaty monitoring and on-site inspection, force protection, NBC defense, and counter-proliferation (CP); to support the U.S. nuclear deterrent; and to provide technical support on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) matters to the DoD Components.
  • Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ERDEC)
  • Joint Readiness Training Center
  • NATO�s Multinational Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Battalion The NATO Multinational Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defence Battalion (CBRN) Defence Battalion will be a high readiness, multi-national, multi-functional Battalion, able to deploy quickly to participate in the full spectrum of NATO missions wherever NATO requires.
  • USARPAC G3-NBC's Repository for NBC, CBRNE, and MSCA Information . US Army, Pacific G3-NBC�s one-stop center. Certain sections are restricted and will require you to register.
  • US Chemical Safety and Investigation Board The board was created by Congress and the President to investigate the causes of industrial chemical accidents at fixed sites and in transport and make recommendations to prevent similar accidents.
  • US Army Chemical School (USACMLS) Homepage Home of the USR Officers! Site includes USACMLS directory and information on the 3d Chemical Brigade.
  • US Army Chemical Mortar Battalions A great site with lots of history wrt Chemical Mortar Battalions.

    Research Organizations

  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  • British American Security Information Council (BASIC) Homepage BASIC is an independent research organization that analyzes government policies and promotes public awareness of defense, disarmament, military strategy and nuclear policies in order to foster informed debate.
  • Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) Research NBC lessons learned in wars, NTC, CMTC, etc...
  • Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies The Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies is an independent, non-profit organization of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine. The Center works to prevent the development and use of biological weapons, to catalyze advances in science and governance that diminish the power of biological weapons as agents of mass lethality, and to lessen the human suffering that would result if prevention fails.
  • Center for Military History (CMH) CMH is responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the U.S. Army. Traditionally, this mission meant that the Center recorded the official history of the Army in both peace and war, while advising the Army Staff on relevant historical matters.
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation The Chemical Heritage Foundation serves the community of the chemical and molecular sciences and the wider public by treasuring the past, educating the present, and inspiring the future. This site offers many tools for the researcher, the student, and those who want to explore and discover how chemical and molecular science has changed the world we live in.
  • Chemical Weapons Working Group The Chemical Weapons Working Group (CWWG) is an international coalition of citizens living near chemical weapons storage sites in the United States, the Pacific and Russia who will be most affected by the disposal of these munitions. The CWWG mission is to oppose incineration of chemical weapons as an unsafe disposal method and to work with all appropriate decision-making bodies to ensure the safe disposal of these munitions and other chemical warfare and toxic material.
  • Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors The objective of CRCPD is to promote radiological health in all aspects and phases.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • EPA Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Online Publications This site includes press releases, fact sheets, technical assistance bulletins, general publications, FAQs, and technical guidance documents.
  • nuke Federation of American Scientists (FAS) FAS provides analysis and advocacy on science, technology, and public policy for global security.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Homepage IAEA serves as the world's central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technological cooperation in the nuclear field and as the international inspectorate for the application of safeguards and verification measures covering civilian nuclear programs.
  • International Relations and Security Network (ISN) Homepage ISN provides one stop InfoNetwork for security and defense studies.
  • nuke Monterey Institute of International Studies The world's largest non-governmental organization devoted to combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Comprehensive and excellent site!
  • nuke Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Home of the CWC. This site contains excellent information on all facets of chemical weapons and warfare. Excellent site!
  • nuke Stimson Center The Stimson Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution devoted to public policy research, eliminating WMD, CB Weapons Nonproliferation Project, Committee of Nuclear Policy, and the Nuclear Roundtable.
  • nuke Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Homepage An excellent site! Comprehensive information site.

    NBC-Related Service Providers

  • Applied Science and Analysis (ASA) ASA is an international organization that specializes in nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) defense and protection issues worldwide.
  • Army Technology - The Website for Defense Industries This site lists contractors for various NBC protection equipment.
  • Chem-Bio.com Tempest's Chem-Bio.com is designed to help those on the front lines of countering today's chem-bio terrorism threat.
  • Dycor Industrial Research, Ltd. Dycor has been in the CBW business since 1981 and specializes in electronic measurement. Dycor develops custom products for clients in every industry. Their technology development team consists of electronic, optical, R.F., and software specialists.
  • EAI Corporation Since 1980, EAI Corporation, has been a premier provider of chemical and biological defense training, equipment, and operational analysis. Their focus is total solutions for �all-hazards?preparedness, protection, detection, identification, and disposal. Over the last 11 years alone, they have trained over 200,000 first responders and completed over 1,100 training courses. EAI continues to help companies and institutions globally meet the challenges of homeland security for today and tomorrow.
  • Noblis Noblis' site provides information Homeland security and counterterrorism.
  • MODEC Inc. MODEC provides innovative and advanced decontamination solutions for your requirements. MODEC is an official licensee of the Sandia decon formulation.
  • NBC Industry Group Homepage The NBC Industry Group is composed of about 80 companies, not-for-profit organizations, and consultants who support nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare defense activities. In addition to military defense against chemical and biological warfare, interests of the Group encompass domestic preparedness against chemical and biological terrorism as well as the Chemical Weapons Convention and other treaties. Some of the member organizations are actively involved in programs on chemical weapons destruction.
  • NBCProtect.Com NBCProtect.Com is a system integrator with over 30 years of experience in the NBC personal protective equipment industry. GEOMET is pleased to introduce a web-based catalog that provides one-stop shopping for personal protective clothing, detector kits, decontamination kits, and related products.
  • RKO Enterprises RKO Enterprises is a world-class manufacturer of skid-units, foam trailers, and chemical-biological decontamination units.
  • SHALBI International, Inc. SHALBI is an expert in fixed site protection using an array of sophisticated filters, air pumps, shielding, sealants, portal protection and various levels of air-pressure zones to achieve the desired NBC-XE defense. SHALBI has an outstanding roster of major NBC-XE Defense projects installed across the spectrum - ranging from military and governmental Command Control Centers - to Parliament buildings - to power plants - to corporate offices - to hospitals - to hotels - to computer rooms. SHALBI International - headquartered in Manhattan - is optimally suited and positioned to handle all of your sophisticated NBC-XE defense needs.
  • WMD Preparedness Services WMD Preparedness Services offers the full spectrum of consulting, planning, training, information, and engineering services necessary to WMD preparedness, security, and response.

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