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From the introduction of the updated Chemical Corps catalog published in 1987.

"The chemical corps catalog of known insignia replaces the previous catalog, long out of print. The categories (A), (E), etc. are the same as listed in the latest Infantry Catalog. If any member has any additional information, can filled any gaps or can make corrections please send the information to Jim Greene. Assistance in preparing this catalog was given by the Institute of Heraldry, U.S. Army; LTC Leroy Ross; Col David Kyle and James A. Sawicki."

The web pages of chemical unit distinctive unit insignia (DUI) were made possible by the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC). Much of the information was obtained from the Trading Post, a quarterly ASMIC publication. The main catalog was published in the October-December 1987 issue of the Trading Post with periodic updates in subsequent issues. Line drawings from the catalog are used when actual DUI photographs are not available. In some cases, some images have been digitally altered.

The information and line drawings in these pages are used with the full permission of ASMIC. (POC is Adjutant, ASMIC.)

If you have any additional information about any of the insignia, please send it to me! I'll include all relevant information and give you credit for your contributions.

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