The Country Boy's Homepage!

This page is dedicated to all y'all country boys...Ernie Butler.

Pictures of the Fence Incident!

"Hey grandpa, get your ass over the fence! All of you damn city boys kill me! Let me show you how a country boy does it!" his hand hangs on the sharp pointy things on top of the fence (resulting in a late night trip to the emergency room for stitches to stop the profuse bleeding and a tetanus shot.) What a girlie-man! A real sissy-boy! ROFLMAO

After the emergency room!

"I can't believe I opened my big mouth...." Ernie (after the fence incident)

"I may have looked like a horse's ass after I opened my mouth and then ripped my damn hand off, but if that had happened to one of you city boys--they would have been forced to call Vanderbilt Life Flight. CANDYASSES!!!!!!!!!! Who da man? --- I'm da man. No fear--NO PAIN." Ernie (after his visit to the emergency room)

Ernie's Coon Dog

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