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Here's a recent e-mail I received:
Love the list and glad to see that it's growing!?You probably won't believe it, but I wrote the original '101' back in 1999 when I was a staff officer in Fort Lewis.?It's probably an easy guess that I got out shortly after.?

I receive e-mail about once a month with
recommendations for additions to this list. Iíve
added the printable ones below after reason #101.

Sisyphus understands!

Here they are....

1. This ain't fun anymore.

2. Zero defects environment known as "supervision."

3. Corps commanders dictating when a company commander can use a computer.

4. Forty percent retirement.

5. Four words: Operations Other Than War -or- Stability and Support Operations.

6. METL Task: Conduct Family Support Group Operations.

7. Senior leadership out of touch with the muddy boots soldier.

8. Farce, er, Force XXI.

9. Information Warfare - total BS.

10. The road to a Hollow Army is lined with good intentions.

11. The new Heavy Division design (less combat vehicles but more AO).

12. Steadily eroding benefits.

13. No guarantee of health care for retirees.

14. The civilian-military pay gap.

15. Soldiers on food stamps.

16. Not enough money to maintain proficiency on basic METL tasks.

17. The ascendancy of the techno-geek soldier over the warrior.

18. Email in the field - you can't get away from the paperwork.

19. Morale in a tailspin.

20. Little support or understanding from Congress or the American public.

21. Not enough training ammunition to maintain qualification on individual weapons.

22. Commanders checking the block for the next rank.

23. Mission first, soldiers whenever its convenient.

24. Peace-time mentality.

25. Congress can always legislate less retirement and benefits.

26. Three words - Task Force ________ (fill in your name here).

27. One word - Bosnia.

28. The Generation X soldier (the word "soldier" used loosely).

29. The new PT standards - my 52-year old dad and 27-year old wife have almost the same minimum time for the run.

30. A 2-month NTC train-up.

31. One year away from my wife, and I wasn't even in Korea.

32. Five deployments to Kuwait since 1991 and we haven't gotten to kick Saddam's ass.

33. The typically routine canine-and-equestrian (dog-and-pony) shows.

34. It's better-to-look-good-than-be-good mentality.

35. The Total Army concept - yeah, I believe that.

36. Conducting coordination via email.

37. The slow death of the warrior spirit.

38. No more nudie mags at the PX.

39. The Army Values card and dogtag.

40. We're always fighting the Krasnovians.

41. Years and years of staff time; only months of Green Tab time.

42. Having to HET tanks, BFVs, and howitzers all over the battlefield.

43. Briefing 120 Powerpoint slides for a Training Calendar Brief.

44. Civilians inconvenienced by a little training noise.

45. Not enough money for a company commander to take his company out for a week.

46. One word - simulations.

47. Increasing cynicism.

48. The new OPMS XXI Functional Areas.

49. CAS3 - a good way to waste 6 weeks of your life and learn nothing.

50. Politics, politics, politics.

51. Anyone with a personality beaten until they fit the mold.

52. Too many feel-good buzzwords.

53. Train as you fight and fight as you train and all the other clichťs.

54. Inflated Unit Status Reporting.

55. Two nearly simultaneous conflicts - too much risk.

56. The Joint Chiefs - they call it like it is when it gets really bad.

57. Failure to meet recruiting goals (not even close).

58. Pulling 600 NCOs from field units to bolster recruiting efforts.

59. Personnel shortages.

60. Deploying two infantry battalions to JRTC at 100% strength and using the 11Bs from three battalions to do it.

61. Active duty commanders of Reserve/Guard battalions.

62. Junior officers and NCOs resigning - more than just a good economy.

63. The BS meter - pegged at 100%.

64. Units pretending to be deployable and have a real-world mission.

65. Digitalization.

66. Don't tell me how to suck eggs; tell me you want it done and I'll figure it out.

67. Using the mid-70's Army as the definitive benchmark for bad times.

68. Brigade and higher staffs at 100% personnel while combat battalions suffer.

69. Let's not train if its even sounds unsafe.

70. A brigade budget only 60% of what it was 2 years ago.

71. The incompetents get promoted because personnel are in short supply.

72. Everyone saying it will get better and it hasn't for the past several years.

73. Peers telling me it's bad everywhere - it isn't just me.

74. More work for less people.

75. The Pasta with Vegetables MRE - it isn't a meal if it doesn't have meat.

76. The arbitrary means of awarding MSMs and other awards.

77. If you can succeed in the Army, you can succeed on the outside.

78. Two A.M. wake-up calls because Joe got himself in jail again.

79. Four A.M. wake-up calls for urinalysis except they don't tell you so you show up with an empty bladder and then chug water for an hour to fill up your cup and then piss all day.

80. Maybe being cold, wet, hungry, and tired in the field isn't proof of manhood.

81. Hearing the word "hoo-ah" and instantly understanding its 72 meanings.

82. Poor radio communications and it's my fault because I'm on a mountain with a OE-254 and a power amplifier while you're in a cave trying to reach me on a whip.

83. Powerpoint slides, information papers, color charts, and other staff officer products.

84. "That's the way we've always done it here."

85. Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

86. Two words: political correctness.

87. Promoting 2LTs to 1LTs in 18 months so they can fill a CPT slot because we're short.

88. No one is saying how great things are.

89. My kids - yeah, I've seen them once or twice this month.

90. Tired of trying to make a difference and nobody cares.

91. The Cold War is over and its an uncertain future, baby.

92. The next big enemy doesn't emerge for 20 years - let's just linger until then.

93. I never was a "morning person."

94. "It briefs well."

95. Very few people willing to tell it like it is and take the ass-chewing anyway.

96. The second greatest military in the world - what we got rid of in the last 8 years.

97. My war stories don't seem so funny anymore.

98. Computer skills are valued more than warfighter skills.

99. You love the Army more than it loves you.

100. Making simple things into 20-page OPORDs with graphics and matrices.

101. The thrill is gone.

E-mail me if you have any more reasons!

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