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  • ... the Mi-24 Hind refuels at your FARP.

  • ... you throw your hands up in frustration and the Q-36 directs fire on you.

  • ... you find a CLF team in your breakfast chow line.

  • ... the O/Cs ask exactly how long you've been in the National Guard.

  • ... you finish your Operation Order briefing and the TOC O/C says, "No, really, what's your plan?"

  • ... your highest kill-ratio statistic is your fratricide total.

  • ... your S-3 finishes the Operation Order briefing with, "This worked great in JANUS!"

  • ... the resupply helicopter brings in a slingload of body bags.

  • ... your Civil Affairs team is taken hostage by the citizens of Shughart-Gordon.

  • ... the Cortinian Care Crusade changes its name to the Cortina Mortuary Service.

  • ... you find a CLF team serving breakfast in your chow line.

  • ... your Take-Home Package is classified as an "X-File."

  • ... the O/Cs call Fort Benning to check if you've ever actually attended any courses there.

  • ... the only thing making whoopie is the little yellow light on your HMMWV.

  • ... the CLF team comes to your command post to complain about the quality of chow you've been serving since the beginning of the rotation.

  • ... you receive Change Of Mission at the ISB.

  • ... you can't hear your command net radio because the O/Cs are laughing so hard.

  • ... your S-3 finishes the Operation Order briefing with, "This worked great on the G.I. Joe cartoon!"

  • ... Fire Marker vehicles show up in convoy with your LOGPAC.

  • ... the mayor of Carnis puts a bounty out on your head.

  • ... your Battalion Maintenance Tech gets stuck in his sleeping bag and has to be cut out.

  • ... your S-2 has to go to the North Fort Barber for help completing the SITEMP.

  • ... your company commanders are using your burning attack helicopters as checkpoints for maneuver.

  • ... the COG puts his arm around your shoulder and offers you a Lifesaver before going into the AAR.

  • ... the S-2 and S-3 laser pointers for the AAR are powered by Honda generators.

  • ... you receive a FRAGO from higher headquarters that says, "Run away! Save yourselves!"

  • ... you ask your Scout Platoon Leader exactly how many enemy PDRA vehicles are coming toward your position and he says, "All of them."

  • ... your PSYOPS surrender appeals work-your BSA surrenders.

  • ... the official song of your rotation is "Taps."

  • ... it's just easier to hold the next Operation Order briefing in the PEHA.

  • ... they take away your square on the War Memorial.

  • ... your ADA section up at Live Fire shoots down an entire flock of Red Cockaded Woodpeckers.

  • ... your S-3 finishes the Operation Order briefing with, "This is so crazy it just might work!"

  • ... the most used weapon in your company area is your O/C's God Gun.

  • ... the Govenor blows off your ACC meeting.

  • ... the O/Cs ask the EAD hospital if they'd like a shot at seizing Shughart-Gordon.

  • ... you find World News Network reporters in your fighting positions, correcting your range cards.

  • ... the CLF captures your Admin/Log radio to resubmit your LOGSTAT report and order some new chow.

  • ... your Fire Support Officer briefs that for airspace coordination the unit will use the "Big Sky, Little Bullet" method.

  • ... you see your unit on "Cortina's Most Wanted."

  • ... your Task Force Engineer gets trapped in the concertina wire around the TOC.

  • ... the O/Cs officially change their motto to "Coach...Teach...Mentor...Beat Some Sense Into."

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